Anyone can grab a glass and make a mixed drink - but have you thought about the origins of the ingredients involved, how they compliment their spirits, and how to accentuate the unique flavours from each element?

Founded by globally acclaimed bartender Evelyn Chick - EC Projects provide a creative hub for cocktail and drinks enthusiasts to explore new techniques and recipes through virtual learning and experimentation, all from the comfort of their own home!

She believes that enjoyment of food and drinks aren’t just for special occasions, it is an experience so personal yet so social, bringing together people from all walks of life. 



Evelyn’s career in hospitality started in Vancouver. Throughout the years she has accumulated pedigrees such as : BarSmarts certification, WSET, Certified Specialist of Spirits and reigned champion in multiple national & international cocktail competitions. She has built highly successful bar programs for a variety of stunning concepts ranging from boutique wine and cocktail bar to high volume event spaces. She's developed training and education programs for notable businesses, and is excited to extend her 13 years of hospitality knowledge to all drinks enthusiasts. By offering online resources, she hopes to continue spreading the love of cocktails, despite our unique social circumstances. 


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