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As a 13 year hospitality industry veteran, Evelyn has worn many hats from bar and hospitality leader, beverage director and consultant to event coordinator and curator. She has worked with multi-million dollar corporations to individual start up companies on event curation, bar program development and brand engagement experiences. She is now an entrepreneur and business owner. Not only has she been crowned champion multiple national and global cocktail competitions, she is also a WSET certified sommelier, certified specialist of spirits. She is a seasoned public speaker and sought after bar personality who has done many media appearances, as well as host and panelled in hospitality conference seminars across the globe. 

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Having curated award winning bar programs across the country from intimate 15 person cocktail bars to large scale, 600 person high volume venues - Evelyn is a seasoned expert in consultancy . She is happy to customize her services to fit your brand, your venue and your target client’s needs.

Bar / Restaurant Venue

  • Elevated Cocktail, Spirits and Wine Program

  • Staff Development and Training 


Pretty Ugly - Pride Rainbow - Photo by A


Are you a spirit brand that wants to engage with consumers? Evelyn is your approachable, go-to drink expert! She is the current bartender-in-residence for Toronto Life, and has worked with an amazing portfolio of spirit, wine and most recently- cannabis brands - to develop custom recipes and cocktail curriculums through social media and virtual classes. Her recent clients include LCBO, Truss Cannabis, Aviation Gin... to name a few.



As times are changing, so are our methods of socializing and engagement. Evelyn will be happy to work with your brand in developing and executing online tastings, pairings, experiential events. She has experience in curating large scale events like the bar and beverage for RC Show (Canada’s largest hospitality trade show with 20,000 attendees per year-  now shifting to a virtual format), as well as Speed Rack Canada, an all female charity bartending competition supporting breast cancer charity partners. 

Socal Media Exposure


Looking to have your brand or concept shared with audiences beyond the bar? Evelyn is a WSET certified Sommelier, a public speaker and community educator who has contributed to a plethora of global cocktail conferences. She has worked with various brands to facilitate in tastings, cocktail competitions and master classes . She has great depth of knowledge and is engaging and charismatic. 


Bring stunning, picture perfect cocktails customized to fit your brand or occasion with global, sustainable ingredients. Make your edges sharper, spirits and cocktails more defined without raising a finger. Experimentation with mixing no, low alcoholic options or add cannabis to the mix -Evelyn's focused on innovative and trend setting beverages, engaging that larger audience with the unique stories of your brand.

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