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Cucumber lime Cordial: Recipes


This scrumptious favour bomb of a cocktail perfect for any afternoon! Combining flavours of matcha and passionfruit, a delightful yet unexpected pairing. Yields one cocktail


1 teaspoon matcha powder
Pulp of 1 purple passionfruit 

0.25oz lemon (optional, to adjust)
1/2oz agave syrup 
Topped with East Foraged Yuzu Cold Brew Tea

To make 'Pink Songbird'

1. Take a passionfruit and scoop pulp into a shaker tin.

2. In separate bowl, whisk 1 teaspoon matcha powder with 3oz room temperature water and pour into same shaker tin. Add agave syrup.

3. Shake all ingredients vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

2. Strain into a cocktail glass with ice.

3. Top with Yuzu Cold Brew and garnish with pineapple leaf (optional)

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