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Cucumber lime Cordial: Recipes


A tequila classic, but with an herbal twist!  Refreshing, a hint of savoury, sweet and a bit of earthiness - made all in a mason jar! 



45ml Blanco Tequila (Patron is my pick) 

22ml Grapefruit Fennel Coriander Syrup

22ml Fresh Lime Juice

Top With Soda

Yield: 1 Serving


Step 1

In a 500ml mason jar, add lime juice and grapefruit fennel coriander syrup and your tequila of choice.

Step 2

Add ice and put lid on. Shake for 10-15 seconds. 

Step 3

Add more ice to fill mason jar and add soda. Garnish with grapefruit wheel.. Enjoy!

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