How To Make a Cocktail with no Bar Tools Whatsoever

Hello EC Project fans! Ever wondered how to make a world class cocktail at home when you have no access to bar tools? Seems difficult does it? Well let me tell you a secret: it's not ! You can pretty muhc use the same techniques you would to make drinks, bust improvise with utensils, containers... stuff around your kitchen.

Don't believe me? Watch this tutorial below:

Just to recap:

For shaking:

- to hold liquid and ice, you can use anything with a wide mouth ( that you can comfortably fit ice cubes in, and a lid)

Examples: a coffee press, a gym bottle, a thermos, even a mug and a plate. Mason jars work too!

- to strain, you can use any lid you can find ( demo'd a thermos.. works great!

- to squeeze citrus, use a fork and your nice clean hands

For stirring:

- to hold your cocktail in, use anything that has a wide mouth, again ( that you can comfortably fit ice cubes in)

- to strain, find something that acts as a barrier for the ice so it doesn't fall out

Examples: spoon, spatula, pasta scoop, or a lid

See? SIMPLE! You can use these techniques on pretty much any cocktail recipes you've found. Why not check out some of them right on this site - what about a Cashew Whisky Sour? That sounds nice.

Start experimenting, and keep me in the loop!



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