#InThisTogether Easy 3 Ingredient Spritz for the Long Weekend

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support. It's been almost 9 weeks in quarantine, 5 weeks since I've built EC Projects and I am feeling the feels. Not dissimilar to yourself I have gone through the bake your own bread phase, contemplate cutting your own hair (but didn't), work out like crazy, then binge eat like crazy... we've all been there! Somehow this weekend with the weather getting better here in Toronto, I felt a sense of hope and gratefulness - one I haven't felt in a while. It looks like things may start to look up and all our beloved social spaces will be open soon, with restrictions of course. The more I think about how it will look like once that happens the more I realize that the restaurant industry is going to look different, and that the desire for home cocktails aren't going to go away. If anything, it will magnify the want to experiment at home because let's face it - a lot of your beloved spaces may open in a different capacity, the prices may go up for food and drinks to compensate for limited opportunities for revenue. The hard earned cash we may hold a little tighter, and save that for a special occasion. EC Projects is going to continue releasing videos of no-fuss drinks that you can easily build at home, on a budget! Like this 'bottom of the fridge' ( well, my fridge) Spritz that takes 3 ingredients and about 30 seconds to make. Check it out!

Herb on Herb Spritz

30ml Amaro ( I picked Odd Society Spirit's Mia Amata Amaro)

30ml Dry Vermouth ( I picked Cocchi Dry Vermouth)

Top with Tonic ( I picked Fever-Tree Cucumber Tonic)

Lemon Peel Garnish

Add Amaro and Dry Vermouth in a rocks glass, add ice and stir for 5-10 seconds. Add tonic and give it a quick stir again. Garnish with Lemon Peel & Herbs (or not, whatever!) So easy, so lazy and so delicious!

Hang in there, we are #inthistogether .

Stay safe and much love!


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