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Week #1 - Project Cucumber!

Have you ever started making one recipe and all of a sudden have to buy all these ingredients and end up with more material than what you started with? Same! SO we came up with an idea to tackle one simple ingredient you can find quickly at the grocery store, or even just laying around in your pantry/ fridge and make the best use out of all the parts of the ingredient. Waste not, want not, use, reuse - keep things interesting but also saves you a few bucks here and there!

In week 1, you're going to find 3 simple recipes celebrating the low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals... cucumber! I always have some laying around just to put on my tired eye bags but also I'm weirdly obsessed with its freshness, and can pretty much eat it any way (Gluten free cucumber sandwiches with crusts cut off anyone? Don't worry I grind up the crust and make gluten free breading with it!)

The first thing I made was a Thai Cucumber Salad. It was around 3pm and I hadn't had lunch, but have had a Sangria-ish or two (Creating content is fun!). A thai inspired dish seems pretty specific but once you try the easy, one-mason-jar dressing in this recipe you'll see why. Then I figured, all the seeds, tops and bottoms of the cucumber shouldn't go to waste, so I took the ugly parts (plus another going soft, borderline floppy cucumber) and made a Cucumber Lime Cordial - you can pretty much add it to water and it will taste delicious - but here at EC Projects I'll show you how to add it to a local potato vodka from Beattie's Distillery (much more fun) and turn it into a gimlet... yum!

So there you are, three simple recipes: A Non Alcoholic Mixer, A Bar Bite, and A Spirited Beverage with ingredients you made all on your own (bravo, friend!) - follow along each week to see what new project we're tackling!


Any feedback is much much appreciated as I have designed, filmed, edited and produced this whole site on my own. It's challenging but so are these times. Thanks for visiting and see you next week!


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