Welcome! EvelynChickProjects - The Journey of Development

Hello all, this is so exciting! Welcome to Evelyn Chick Projects - a home to all your needs for accessible drinks recipes. This is a creative hub for all drink enthusiasts, even if you've never poured a drink in your life. This is an inclusive space where you won't feel stupid looking at a recipe that is too complex to understand, or discouraged because the ingredients are too far fetched and expensive for you to experiment with.

EC Projects are for everyone.

I've been wanting to create a space where I can best put 13 years of my experience in hospitality into one place; but with so much content out there, Instagram and Facebook just won't cut it (although I have both - so please follow ;P ). Getting the domain set up and knowing what material to put out wasn't actually that difficult. Once I got rolling it was like words flowing out of a river - I can't stop - I cannot wait for you to see what is in store, and how easy it is to actually create and build flavours in the form of #liquidart. The most difficult part is putting the pieces together. Almost everything you'll see on this site is filmed, shot, designed by myself. It took a while to get the hang of it but it is completely worth it.

Let's face it, the restaurant industry is struggling. All industries that provide any form of entertainment in service is suffering. Sipping drinks, having bites and socializing with friends... all of that is temporarily taken away from us, and an industry with its nature so unique, that brings people together from all walks of life is suddenly.. mute. We live in a world that is rapidly changing - our social and creative needs are limited and what used to be our reality is now completely different. Trust me, I miss the bar as much as the next person, but curating bar quality experiences as home is about as good as it gets right now, so why not make it great?!

Follow along EC Projects to:

a) Exercise your creative mind in testing out bespoke recipes that are so so easy to follow

b) Learn some cool bartending techniques because you'll be sick of wine and beer at some point... or if not, why not try something new?

c) All those times you've tasted something exceptional and went like ' how did they do that?', well you can do it too - sign up for a Virtual Workshop to learn how!

d) Realize that one little ingredient can yield a bunch of different outcome - follow our weekly 'Project' where we explore one product three ways: Non Alcoholic Mixer, Bar Snack and Spirited Beverage

I hope you enjoy the site and find some interesting things to make!

- EC

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