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Cucumber lime Cordial: Recipes


There's really only ​really a handful of drinks I can call my year round guilty pleasures, a nice Sangria is one of them!  Check out this recipe of a super simple Sangia-ISH, that highlights all the beautiful fruit notes of an almost-off red. 



75ml Medium Bodied Red (off wines are ok too!)

22ml Pomegranate Pink Peppercorn Syrup

22ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice

15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Yield: 1 Serving


Step 1

In a wine glass, combine red wine, pomegranate pink peppercorn syrup, grapefruit & lemon juice.


Step 2

Add ice and stir until well chilled, about 10 seconds. Garnish with your favourite cirtrus, fruits, creative! Have fun!


For more in depth cocktail coaching - explore a Virtual Workshop!

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