An enhanced version of the most simple, delicious cocktail brings out beautiful flavours of this American gin with seasonal fruits, zesty and herbal flavours.  




1.5 oz Aviation Gin

0.5 oz Peach & Mint Cordial 

0.25 oz Supasawa Cocktail Mixer

Top with Fever- Tree Premium Indian Tonic

Sage (for garnish)

Grapefruit Wheel (for garnish)

Lemon Wheel (for garnish)

Yield: 1 Serving

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Step 1

In a large wine glass (Bordeaux Glass), add 1.5 oz Aviation Gin. 

Step 2

Add peach and mint cordial and Supasawa Cocktail Mixer. Add ice and stir for 5-10 seconds. 

Step 3

Add Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic and more ice. Stir to integrate tonic. 

Step 4

Garnish with herbs and citrus, enjoy!

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